We had approached Raldia events for doing the decor for my wedding. From the very first interaction, I had such a pleasant experience in terms of my requests being heard and always catered to, to the minutest details. I had picked up one of the designs shared by them for the decor but I wanted to tweak it a little. There was complete support in incorporating my changes and they kept designing the change till I got what I had in mind. Another commendable point is how they made my parents comfortable too with all the intricate customary details that needed to be done. They took note of everything especially it being a Tamil wedding, they paid attention to every small detail and ensured it was executed to the dot. The wedding was an early morning wedding and stage had to be done by 7am. I had a bit of worry about this being done but I was continuously assured of the same. At 4am on the wedding day everything was set and they had asked us to come and check if everything is in place. I truly commend the efforts the team put into making my wedding memorable. I genuinely would consider them for any future event for their sheer professionalism and humility at which they run things.